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1 thing you must know about Reels...

Trending sounds can be an easy way to get more people to see your reel (or Tik Tok) video.

These are sounds, music (original or remixed) or vocals that are being used on a large number of videos.

Once a sound becomes popular enough it can go viral and jumping on the trend can help place you in non-follower suggested posts and the For You page on Tik Tok.

But while trending sounds are an easier way to go viral or to boost your reach organically, it's important to note this one key factor.


Just because a sound is trending, it doesn't always mean your business or brand should use it for a short-form vid.

So, what should you do?

When you find content that is trending and feel it should be something you use, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the audio suit my business or brand? For example audio with a joke might not be within your business' tone.

  • Does the trend compliment the message and tone of my business?

  • If I was to use this audio or style of video, how can I ensure my messaging and direction doesn't get lost?

  • Is this video going to be a positive for my business overall or could it hinder how people view it?

By asking yourself these questions, you can cull any content that does not fit within your brand's tone of voice or the messages you want to share as part of your business.

If you aren't sure what your tone of voice or message is, this is something the DL Social team can assist you with. If you aren't sure about the content you should be posting for your biz, then we can help you with our 1:1 consultations or social media strategy services as well.

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