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How To Create A Facebook Ad That Works - Part 1

As Facebook has grown and become a public listed company, organic (unpaid) reach has declined.

Businesses have turned to Facebook ads to help them be seen, promote their products and build their business further particular on the platform and to broaden their awareness.

Many have found it a waste of time and money.

But is it really?

When it comes to running a successful campaign there are a number of steps to take to make sure that your ad is doing everything it possibly can for you. The Ads Manager isn't a mind reader, but when given the right prompts it is a helpful tool which attracts the right people to your brand.

In our first part of "How To Create A Facebook Ad That Works" we take a look at how to target the right audience for your ad.


When it comes to creating your advertising, it's important to find exactly the audience you want to see your ad.

Facebook will reward you with better views and lower costs per click if your ad is speaking to the right people. It will also penalise you with higher costs per click if your ad does not.

The first thing to do to make sure you are sending your ad to the right people's news feeds is to work out who your dream customer or customers are.

Look at their demographics - age, gender, location, employment status, relationship status, income etc.

Look at their psychographics - interests, behaviours, passion points, recreational activities.

And at this point, you might be asking yourself "why do we have to know if someone likes to "Netflix"?"

Because, it might be the interest that you need to really boost your ads potential of being seen by your dream customer.

By knowing who your target audience/ dream customer/ persona is - you have a better understanding of where and what keywords they could be hiding behind on Facebook or Instagram.


In every Facebook ad creation you have the opportunity to create a new audience.

If you do not have a suitable audience already saved (or a retargeted audience saved) then this is where you can create your dream customer to help Facebook know who you want to show your advert to.

The Audience section of your Facebook advertisement is in the Ad Set Tab in your Ads Manager.

Here are the elements you need to refine to make sure that your ads target the right people.


If you are targeting a specific area or neighbourhood, locations is the perfect way to hone in on the area of a country or city you want people to know about you.

For example, if you have a store based in Victoria Park, then targeting the suburb and surrounding suburbs might work really well particularly if you want to drive neighbourhood traffic to your store.

You can be as specific or as broad as you like, provided this is where your target audience is located.


If your brand is for an older market targeting 18 year olds will be a waste of your money. Just as if your brand is for a younger audience and you target those 45+. Know the age range you want to target and do so. If you really want to drive home your message to the right age groups, create a series of ads for different age ranges (for example 18 - 25, 25 - 35) and use images that would resonate with those exact ages.


Again, if you want to target people who identify with a particular Gender then this is where you can do this. Just like your age option, when it comes to creative you can choose images that resonate with those that identify as male or female to further drive your ad and message home.

Detailed Targeting

Now, this is where it comes to the real business end of creating your ad. THIS is where all the demographic and psychographic work when creating your target persona comes in handy and can make or break your ad.

In this area, Facebook have three options for targeting :

Demographics, Interests & Behaviours


This area allows you (depending on your requirements and audience) to target relationship status, education level, work (employers/ job titles/ industries), financial status, home ownership, parents and life events.

So if you know you want to target parents with children in primary school, then you can target your ads by choosing this demographic option.


This area allows you to reach audiences based upon what their interests are, the activities they undertake on the platform, closely related topics and the pages they like.


Want to target people who recently travelled? You can in this section. The behaviours section allows you to target people based on their purchases, device usage, and other behaviour data options.


Make sure that your ad views aren't being wasted on your competition by excluding people who might have a certain job title or works for a particular industry. You can also choose not to have your ads shown to people who already like your page, therefore broadening your reach to new viewers. When it comes to creating ads, this is a crucial part of building and creating an ad strategy that works.

By targeting your dream customer using the audience section, you are telling Facebook this is the person you want your ad to be shown to and people just like this person.

There's a few more steps to take to make sure it is giving you strong results for your spend.

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