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Should you be considering TikTok for your business?

Over this whole crazy, upside-down period known as Covid-19, a few platforms have increased in users quite rapidly. These include Zoom, House Party & Tik Tok.

But as this social media channel grows in popularity, is it a channel you should be considering for your business too? ⁣⁣

To help with this decision, it's important to note that when creating content for Tik Tok you should consider the following: ⁣⁣


Tik Tok is all about content creation. So if you are going to connect with the Tik Tok audience, it's important to channel your creative side and think of fun and exciting ways for them to take part in your Tik Tok story. For example: offer challenges using your products, or take part in popular challenges yourself.


One of the reasons why Tik Tok is so popular with younger audiences is because it takes out the serious side of things. On Tik Tok, you can be funny or a little silly and that is rewarded.

Ask yourself, is there some way that your brand can offer fun, infotainment-style content on the platform?


Ah yes, those two popular words on Social Media. However, like creativity and humour, you have to make sure that you aren't "trying" to be something your business isn't for the sake of Tik Tok followers. Audiences will see right through the charade and your business might not be able to rebuild some of the trust lost. Consider behind-the-scenes vids to help build your brand in a transparent and authentic way, without trying to be something other than your biz.


⁣⁣TikTok is more enticing to the Gen Z market, particularly as it's a place to be silly and have fun!⁣⁣ While there are users in other generations, many of these have jumped onto the platform during isolation, so it's important to remember that your audience might not use the platform as often once they return to somewhat normal lives. Do some research into where your audience is hiding online. If you find a significant number have moved to the Tik Tok side and plan on staying there, then looking into the platform might be an option.

⁣⁣TikTok challenges users to think outside the box, but perhaps that is exactly what your biz needs to add a fresh perspective and even a new demographic to your fanbase. ⁣⁣

The key here is research. If your audience isn't using the platform, then putting time and effort into it might prove a waste of time and money.

If your audience is, watch what they are doing on the platform and then work out how you can incorporate your business into it too!

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