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I don't know what to create for my social media video content...

The team creating video content on their smartphones

If this sounds like you, never fear! Here are some ideas you can use in your content plan.

  • How to videos - explaining how to use a product or what your service can offer.

  • Work with customers or influencers and source reviews or videos you can repost or share.

  • Behind the scenes - something as easy as boxing up a package or filling a bottle with product can have a more success than you might think.

  • Use a green screen and discuss your thoughts on a trending topic that relates back to your biz.

  • Make sure the content is unique and customised to your audience.

  • Don't be afraid to experiment. You don't have to have every video be a success. This shows you what relates back to your audience and what they are likely to stay following you for.

Need a hand. Get in touch with our team for 1:1 content consults or social media management services to help you and save time.

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