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On The Downlow Digital Magazine

On the Downlow Digital Magazine is a magazine initiative aimed to help local businesses impacted by Covid-19. 


All businesses featured in the articles will receive 100% of the purchase price to help support their business during this time. 

In this edition: 

- Learn how this office space is using digital to their advantage. 

- Find handy tips on how to budget during a crisis. 

- Celebrate special occasions with these helpful tips. 

- How to plan a family holiday that makes a difference once borders are open. 

Price: $10+GST. 

To support a business you know, choose the link below to purchase this informative and helpful magazine. 


MINDSET - Amy Jacobson - Finding Your Y

DIGITAL - Spacecubed 

MARKETING - Vanessa Geraghty - Vivacity Marketing

BUDGET - Terri Watson - The Healthy Wallet Project 

EVENTS - Tanya Greenwood - Tumble Tots Party Hire 

TRAVEL - Eleanor Chappell - The Family Travel Company

NUTRITION - Mollie Caughey - Wade - Good Egg Nutrition 

BEAUTY - Julianna Horvath - Limonspa

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